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The Social bee marketing agency

As the go-to marketing agency for all of West Virginia, The Social Bee knows your ideal consumer, stakeholders, and clients. With deep connections throughout the state, The Social Bee is skilled in knowing the cultural, economical, and political landscape.

Marketing for West Virginia Organizations Who Want to Thrive

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We create integrated marketing communications campaigns to make West Virginia more attractive for potential business, remote workers looking to improve their work life balance, and to keep our younger generations here for years to come.


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“The Social Bee has transformed our opportunistic social media posts into a strategic, goal driven social media campaign, which has brought nationwide attention to Main Street Fairmont.”



I'm Katie, your go-to digital disruptor.

Part right-brained creative, part left-brained strategist, I'm a marketing expert with a heart for purpose-driven small business and a knack for turning scattered efforts into streamlined results. With over 12 years of experience partnering with prominent organizations in West Virginia
and beyond, my team of creative collaborators and I know what it takes to make any brand well-known and well-loved.

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Founder and ceo | marketing maven | Proud West Virginian

10 Essential Criteria For a Smart & Successful Brand Name

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Brick & Mortar Retail Post Covid-19

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A Guide To Using Social Media For Your Small Business

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Social media is an integral part of any small business success strategy. In today's day and age, small business cannot afford to ignore social media.