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Our goal is to amplify West Virginia's good work to the masses by helping businesses and organizations tell their stories and connecting them to the right resources to spread their mission across West Virginia and beyond its borders. Our ideal change makers are:
Economic Development Organizations
Community-Renewal Organizations
State Agencies
Small Businesses

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We amplify your story. We create strategic plans based on your needs. We develop and enhance your digital presence. We create integrated marketing communications campaigns to make West Virginia more attractive for potential business and remote workers looking to improve their work life balance and to keep our younger generations here for years to come.

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We think for you. We integrate seamlessly into your marketing team. We provide analysis and strategic guidance to increase your ROI. We use our extensive network to help you achieve your goals, connect you to the right resources, and build lasting relationships for you with state and local leaders.

Who We Work With.

Our goal is to amplify West Virginia's story to the masses by helping businesses and organizations tell their stories and connecting them to the right stakeholders and resources to spread their mission across West Virginia and beyond its borders. Our ideal change makers are: economic development organizations, community-renewal organizations, nonprofits, state agencies, and small businesses.


Main Street Fairmont

Main Street Fairmont needed to refresh its website, enhance its digital footprint, and amplify its story to the greater community at large.

The Social Bee built a new website, refreshed the logo and branding, and created new marketing materials including a sponsorship packet, pop up banner, rack card, and event signage. We update all social channels and created a LinkedIn company page for the organization to leverage the executive-level partners and stakeholders on one of the most popular social platforms for business professionals.

(The Social Bee manages MSF's digital marketing efforts monthly.)

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The Huntington Area Development Council wanted to send out a quarterly newsletter to external stakeholders showcasing its organizational achievements, upcoming initiatives, and regional partner successes.

The Social Bee helped with content development, email template design, blog setup and coordination on the website, email distribution, and reporting.

notable projects:

We increased social engagement #s by 105% reaching 500,000 people within the first 5 months of working with The Social Bee. We've increased the capacity for business development and enhanced the relationships with the downtown businesses.

We grew the social audience by 8% using cross promotional tactics with one email. The open and click rates increased significantly ensuring a wider audience viewed the newsletter content.
OPEN RATE: 45% (73% increase) 
CLICK RATE: 30% (233% increase)

Our Changemakers

The Social Bee Marketing Agency has completely transformed our branding and marketing efforts in under a year. Through our partnership with Katie and her team, our digital brand has grown to levels we never thought possible. Our organization transformed from a rudimentary, ineffective approach in branding and marketing, to leading our field with our digital engagement, messaging, brand recognition and identity.

No matter what stage your organization is in, you won't find a more valuable partner in the branding and marketing space than the Social Bee Marketing Agency.

Main Street Fairmont

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Katie is a stellar professional who takes your specific business goals and turns them into accomplishments. I can’t recommend her highly enough for all your social media reach and marketing needs!
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Katie is outstanding. She has been helping me grow my small business. I truly feel like the sky's the limit while working with her.


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Brick & Mortar Retail Post Covid-19

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